YTWL – Simple and Effective Posture Exercise

YTWL is a terrific 2-minute stretch which acts as an antidote to the postures associated with modern life. Sitting at a desk, using electronic devices, driving cars and sitting on couches all facilitate forward head posture, and can even limit breathing efficiency and...

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The Hitchhiker for Reduced or Reversed Cervical Curve

This exercise, the hitchhiker, is powerful for both toning the posterior neck muscles, and at the same time, stretching the anterior soft tissues of the neck. This is vitally important if your neck curve is lessened, or reversed, especially so if your neck posture has...

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Using the Roller to Improve Your Posture and Reduce Stress

In today’s video we demonstrate a simple and very effective way to encourage better posture and reduce stress in your body. If you work hard, perhaps spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, working on electronic devices or driving; or if you know you have a forward...

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