How We Work

We focus our care to suit each individual person. There are three stages of care that you may choose to have:

Initial Care

Our goal during this time is to reduce your primary subluxations and help your body to achieve stabilisation.

Visits during this time are usually 2 or 3 times per week, and the duration of care ranges from a couple of weeks to many months, depending upon how long you have had your subluxations, your age, and your lifestyle.

Corrective Care

After your body has achieved stabilisation, we look to correct underlying spinal problems, and through having sustained better nerve system function, achieve improved tissue regeneration. Visits during this stage are usually weekly or fortnightly.

Wellness Care

Wellness care is a proactive approach to maximising your nervous system function throughout your lifetime. Maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system allows you the freedom to explore your true potential in life, and discover ways of living which enhance your life experience. At this stage people choose to come in weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending upon other factors in their life.